Jack is two

On 11/24, Jackson turned 2. Exciting times! Some days are "Terrific Two's," and some are "Terrible Two's." I'd love to get him this t-shirt, "Warning.... I'm 2," but Justin thinks we shouldn't use that as an excuse for bad behavior, or the fact that one should expect bad behavior upon seeing it. He's right, but I still think it's cute though:

We celebrated Jack's birthday with the Isabell side of the family and picked up our Christmas Tree from Holiday Farm - the farm Justin's family has been getting their tree from for nearly 20 years. A reporter actually tagged along with the family to get photos! Hopefully Jackson's black eye didn't show up too much! The Wed. before his bday he had a little accident with the window ledge. Poor kid can't stay bruise free for one day!

Introducing us

The countdown has begun. We have under 50 days, 48 to be precise, until our family will suddenly become four! For those who are counting, that will be two boys, well, three depending on how you view Justin! Me vs. Them. I'll totally outnumbered. It's a shame we're short, I could start a family basketball team! Anyway, I've decided to scrap the individual little websites for this for the entire family. I hope you check back often for photos and updates and little on-goings of our lives. Enjoy!