Then come on over! Jackson, our in house stylist will be glad to help you. ;)

I was on the phone last night sitting at our computer desk and Jackson climbed up behind me. I totally was not paying attention when he fished scissors out of the pencil cup holder. Next thing I knew, or felt I should say, was the snip of the scissors against my head!!! Don't worry, it's subtle... To give him credit, he was sick, so he obviously wasn't thinking clearly... Also, during his bath last night I grabbed our hair cutting scissors and cleaned up around his ears since Jon and Emily's wedding is Saturday... So it was fresh in his mind that scissors are for cutting hair. I'm pretty proud of myself for not freaking out too much. Could have been that I was on the phone though. When I ran my hand through my hair a small clump came out, but I can't locate where it came from, so that's good! Jackson was pretty mortified and extremely apologetic for cutting my hair and I'm sure he won't ever attempt it again!

I completed my third pair of woolie shorts for Liam! Yay! Stay tuned... I've decided to *open* a little online store of sorts to sell knit items. It mostly will be wool diaper covers but I also plan to make little organic knit toys. :) I'm having fun with this!

Quiet Time

What do you do when your little one wakes up from their nap before nap time is "over"?

With Liam I can't control how long he sleeps per say. When he's up, he's up. Sometimes he'll stay in his crib and play quietly, and other times he'll cry/yell that he wants out, and like, NOW.

Jackson, on the other hand, I can have go back in his room to have Quite Time. He used to sleep by the clock each day from 1-4, but as he's getting older, I'm seeing that diminish. *cry*

He went down for his nap today at 1 and at 2:45 I heard a loud "thud" overhead. Did he fall out of bed I wondered?! He came down a few minutes afterward with every.stuffed.animal.he.owns inside his little sleeping bag that he's insisted on sleeping in lately... I looked at the clock and immediately thought, nope, naptime is not over yet! For me anyway... So I had him go back up to have some quiet time in his room looking at books and just being generally quiet... I feel somewhat guilty having him do this sometimes, but it passes quickly... ;) It's not every day that he does wake "early" from his naps. For the past week he's slept for 3 hours in the afternoon, when suddenly, like today, he'll wake early. Can't figure it out...

The Menu

OK, I thought I'd try to do a menu each week, but was uninspired the past two weeks since posting my last menu. Yes, we did manage to eat, but just thrown together last minute (and not so healthy) things.

This week we will be eating:

Monday - Bruschetta Chicken Bake
Tuesday - Gnocchi with Sausage and Spinach
Wednesday - Pork chops and mashed potatoes
Thursday - Parmesan Pasta with Chicken and Rosemary
Friday - Jon and Emily's Rehearsal Dinner! Oh wait, the boys will eat beforehand... so umm... leftovers...
Saturday - Jon and Emily's Wedding!
Sunday - Orange Chicken with Potatoes
I linked each recipe if you think it's something you'd like to try. The only one this week I'm cooking that we've actually had before is the Chicken Bake (easy and yum!) and the Gnocchi with sausage. Can you tell I like to try new things? :) I'm actually TRYING to stick to more of a meal plan. Unless you count surfing online for things and making a list from that meal planning! LOL!

The Drive Thru

The other day I took the boys to PlayZONE at Mr. B's Coffeehouse - a really fun indoor playground that awesome when we just can't get outside. Anyway, lots of fun was had and on the way home we stopped through Wendy's for a quick lunch since in no way was there going to be time for lunch before naps once getting home. As we pulled up this conversation transpired:

Jackson: Mommy, can you roll down my window? I want to order for myself.
Me: OK, here you go, make sure you talk loud.
Wendy's: Hello! How may I help you? (or whatever they say...)
Jackson: Do you have any orange juice?
Wendy's: Yes we do!
Jackson: In a box?
Wendy's: Yes, it comes in a box.
Jackson: OK, I will have that, and a booger (burger) with cheese and bacon.
Wendy's: So that will be a junior bacon cheeseburger and an orange juice?
Jackson: Yes.

On our way home as he began eating, I encouraged Jackson to say thank you to me for getting him lunch and he said, "I don't need to say thank you because I ordered it myself!" !!!!! Where does this child get it?!