The Drive Thru

The other day I took the boys to PlayZONE at Mr. B's Coffeehouse - a really fun indoor playground that awesome when we just can't get outside. Anyway, lots of fun was had and on the way home we stopped through Wendy's for a quick lunch since in no way was there going to be time for lunch before naps once getting home. As we pulled up this conversation transpired:

Jackson: Mommy, can you roll down my window? I want to order for myself.
Me: OK, here you go, make sure you talk loud.
Wendy's: Hello! How may I help you? (or whatever they say...)
Jackson: Do you have any orange juice?
Wendy's: Yes we do!
Jackson: In a box?
Wendy's: Yes, it comes in a box.
Jackson: OK, I will have that, and a booger (burger) with cheese and bacon.
Wendy's: So that will be a junior bacon cheeseburger and an orange juice?
Jackson: Yes.

On our way home as he began eating, I encouraged Jackson to say thank you to me for getting him lunch and he said, "I don't need to say thank you because I ordered it myself!" !!!!! Where does this child get it?!


  1. That's so funny! Thanks for sharing the story; it made my night :).

  2. Thanks for a good laugh ... sounds just like Jackson ... he's always been quick and on the ball. :)

  3. LOL! That's too cute!