Quiet Time

What do you do when your little one wakes up from their nap before nap time is "over"?

With Liam I can't control how long he sleeps per say. When he's up, he's up. Sometimes he'll stay in his crib and play quietly, and other times he'll cry/yell that he wants out, and like, NOW.

Jackson, on the other hand, I can have go back in his room to have Quite Time. He used to sleep by the clock each day from 1-4, but as he's getting older, I'm seeing that diminish. *cry*

He went down for his nap today at 1 and at 2:45 I heard a loud "thud" overhead. Did he fall out of bed I wondered?! He came down a few minutes afterward with every.stuffed.animal.he.owns inside his little sleeping bag that he's insisted on sleeping in lately... I looked at the clock and immediately thought, nope, naptime is not over yet! For me anyway... So I had him go back up to have some quiet time in his room looking at books and just being generally quiet... I feel somewhat guilty having him do this sometimes, but it passes quickly... ;) It's not every day that he does wake "early" from his naps. For the past week he's slept for 3 hours in the afternoon, when suddenly, like today, he'll wake early. Can't figure it out...