Wanna cheap haircut?

Then come on over! Jackson, our in house stylist will be glad to help you. ;)

I was on the phone last night sitting at our computer desk and Jackson climbed up behind me. I totally was not paying attention when he fished scissors out of the pencil cup holder. Next thing I knew, or felt I should say, was the snip of the scissors against my head!!! Don't worry, it's subtle... To give him credit, he was sick, so he obviously wasn't thinking clearly... Also, during his bath last night I grabbed our hair cutting scissors and cleaned up around his ears since Jon and Emily's wedding is Saturday... So it was fresh in his mind that scissors are for cutting hair. I'm pretty proud of myself for not freaking out too much. Could have been that I was on the phone though. When I ran my hand through my hair a small clump came out, but I can't locate where it came from, so that's good! Jackson was pretty mortified and extremely apologetic for cutting my hair and I'm sure he won't ever attempt it again!