OK. So on Monday we were out with no jackets and the boys were playing in the water table, splashing and laughing like it was a warm spring day. Today we were wearing hats, snowpants and shoveling, throwing snow balls and sledding. What gives?! Hello Global Warming?! I was happy to have one last hurrah in the snow. Of course we can't really say the last since we have all of unpredictable March to make it through, but I was thankful for this gift of snow today. Jackson loved playing in it and I loved watching him.

Jackson was excited to go out and took it upon himself to get ready without my assistance. *snicker!*

We snuck out while Liam was taking his morning nap and played until I was hearing, "My chin is cold, can we go in!?" Jackson was happy to warm up with a nice mug of hot cocoa and marshmallows and took a very restful nap. Justin came home a little earlier from work to avoid the crazies on the road who can't drive in snow, so it was nice to all go out together for a little while.

Jackson must have been feeling in the mood for comfort food tonight because after dinner he asked if we could make blueberry muffins. I was happy to oblige! Jackson is a great cooking helper (most of the time!) Though, he wants to rush the whole process and asked about 63 times if he could add the blueberries yet. He also wants to "snitch" every ingredient as we go along. He tasted the batter and thought it was the best thing ever. (ick!) How fun - strike that - how funny would it be to do a cooking show with Jackson?! Justin and I were talking about it and played along with Jackson prompting him to tell his "viewers" what we were doing each step of the way. I asked him what was important to remember to stay safe while cooking and he told us, "You always have to stay in bed!" Well... We will work on that... He must have been thinking about our latest *issue* of his getting out of bed after we put him down... That's another story... Until then. Enjoy some muffins!

Liam knew something good was cookin'!

Why does time have to go by so fast? When I was pregnant with Jackson, the time couldn't go by fast enough. Now that Liam has joined our family, slowly but surely, time has gone to hyper-drive mode. I wish it would slow down sometimes! While I'm in a the moment, the days feel long, but the weeks are short. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway look back at the past three February's. Four years ago right about this time I got pregnant with Jackson!

February 2005 Jackson was 3 months old...

February 2006 Jackson was 15 months...

February 2007 Liam is 1 month and Jackson is 2 and 3 months...

February 2008 Liam is 13 months and Jackson 3 years and 3 months...

Cloth is cool!

I just came across this really great article about the benefits and how-to's of cloth diapering. Check it out! You all know we cloth diaper Liam and we did for Jackson for a couple months before he potty-trained. I really think he trained so quick because of the switch to cloth for him. It's been wonderful for Liam because he has very sensitive skin, and I feel good about having fewer chemicals in contact with his baby bits and pieces. And I promise, it's not hard work! Maybe I'm odd, but I enjoy seeing his cute little bum covered in cloth.

Oh, and if you didn't know, some Hollywood stars use cloth for their babies, which is extremely cool. Come one, if the stars are doing it! Of the ones I read about, Dave Matthews does and says, "diapers are the number 3 peice of garbage," in landfills. Brad Paisely, Madonna, Mariska Hargitay (Law and Order) and Maggie Gyllenhaal also use cloth.

So here's my little guy wearing various cloth diapers. When we're at home, sometimes I just put him in these. These types of diapers, called "fitteds" do require a cover to protect clothing from getting wet, but since we're just home, I can see as soon as he's wet so I change him then. That allows for the most breathability for his sensitive skin.

When we go out, or if he's wearing more clothes (lol!) I'll put him in a "pocket diaper." Those allow for an absorbent insert to be placed in the pocket and the layer that touches the baby is either fleece or suede cloth, and that gives him a "stay dry" feeling, while the wetness passes right through to the insert. The outer layer is lined in PUL (polyurathane laminate) and keeps everything wet inside. Here's a techy picture of the kind we use, called BumGenius.

I'm laughing because I wouldn't have picked myself to be most like this Jane Austen character... I answered honestly as I could! Which Jane girl are you?

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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