Making Friends

Today I brought the boys to Mrs. B's Coffee House at Cavalry Church. They have a 2-story playland for the kids and a coffee shop for the mom's. What a beautiful marriage! I've only gone once before and Jackson enjoyed himself playing there. We've been cooped up recently so we decided to give it another go today. A few mom's from our church were planning to go too, so I was looking forward to some fellowship and time out!

Jackson ran right on in and began climbing around like a monkey. I was holding Liam and stepped back out to the coffee shop to grab a snack for Liam. When I came back I saw Jackson had apparently made a little buddy. He and another boy were tailing each other back and forth. There were probably 15 other kids in there, but these two just took to one another. It was cute! So I let Liam down to toddle around for a few minutes and when I looked up to spot Jack again I couldn't. I peeked out to the table where we set our things and sure enough, there he was - with his new friend! I went over to discover Jackson had invited his new bud to join him in having a snack. I packed lunch for the boys and some extra snacks, and it was all displayed on the table for the choosing. Too funny! I asked Jack who his friend was, and in typical 3-year-old-ese, he was, "I don't know!" I asked the little boy his name and all I got was, "E." Then shortly after he said, "F." OK, so we've got Jackson and E-F and I don't know if I have enough food to entertain our new guest with so I'm looking around for his mom. I spotted another mom looking around, we made eye contact and she came over. It was indeed E-F's mom! She apologized and we introduced ourselves. She asked her son what his new friend's name was just like Jackson said, he said, "I don't know!" How funny! We did learn that E-F's name was in fact Elias. ;) I sorted out what food could be shared with Elias and from that point on they were inseparable! Before Elias left, I was sure to exchange info with his mom and I couldn't believe it, they live a town away from us. I'll be sure to make a future playdate with Jackson's new friend. He does have a handful of little buddies, but no boys that are just his age. I think he could use a friend like Elias. :) His mom seemed really nice too. Heehee! Isn't it funny how stay-at-home-mom's make friends!

Oh, and I just had to add this... Right before we were leaving, I was talking with a friend and Jackson ran over to me, upset, because he hurt his arm. I asked what happened and he said a boy did it. I told him it was probably an accident, it's hard for me to judge since I didn't see what happened... So we left and the boys napped once home. When Jackson woke up I wanted to further prod him about what happened. I asked him to show me what the boy did, so Jack came over and he pushed me. I told him that's not something we ever want to do because it can hurt people and their feelings and it isn't nice. Here I'm assuming this boy was bullying my son, then it occurred to me to ask what was going on BEFORE Jackson got pushed, so I asked him. Are you ready for this??? I asked Jack, "So what happened right before the boy pushed you?" He replied, "I was pushing him!" Ummmm... I was not expecting that! I know it's wrong, but I kind giggled in my head, but then reminded Jackson that we are to be kind to others and love our neighbors.