Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all the special mom's in my life had a wonderful and blessed Mother's Day! I was touched when chatting with Justin and he presumed it was a "holiday" and stores would be closed. Well that would be nice to be honored that way!

Saturday evening was spent at my sister's where we celebrated my dad's birthday and Mother's Day together with Nan, Mom and Dad Stevenson. Unfortunately neither of the husbands were in attendance. Justin was feeling under the weather and my sister's husband had to work. :( But it was nice being with the Stevenson's! Trisha fed us well and did an awesome job playing hostess with one child in her arms and serving with the other. ;)

Jackson and Ava were looking forward to seeing each other for some cousin's time. It's so fun to see them as they're getting older. Actually playing *together* ya know? (And giving us some adult time too! *wink!*) Jackson declared Aunt Trisha to be his favorite aunt because she has Ava. Hear that Aunt Bethany, Aunt Emily and Aunt Grace? Once you've got some kids you might have a chance too! ;) And Aunt Kate - I'm certain you would be in the favorites category, especially with the little dudes - so Trisha will have some fierce competition once you guys are back in the area! ;)

Poor Liam had a rough time Saturday night though. He took a tumble and landed on his chin, causing his top teeth to bite through his bottom lip. Not all the way, no worries, but enough to cause a minor crisis. He was not quite himself this weekend after that, being very clingy and cranky. Understandable, I'm sure that little puffy lip hurts badly. Poor guy.

Sunday I received the biggest surprise Mother' Day gift from Justin *ever*! A new digital camera! And a nice digital camera at that! I'm still in shock and denial. He was too generous and I know it was a sacrifice for him to purchase it for me. I hope he knows how grateful I am. Look forward to being bombarded with photos in the future!

After spending the morning recuperating from the rough evening had by Liam, we went to Justin's family's home. Dad Isabell took good care of all the mom's with a wonderful dinner (as always!) Justin was feeling better so I was grateful to get some more help chasing kiddos around. Mimi and Poppy's house is always an adventure for the boys. Jackson loves to chase frogs in the little pond, and I know this summer we'll look forward to a couple submersions. It happened last year, with Mimi following right behind!!! The big yarn is full of trees which Jackson has more interest in climbing. Justin helps him. ;)

So all in all I felt blessed and loved this mother's day. Thanks to all around me who made it special! :)

Here are some photos from the day take with my new present!

My boys. :)

Little Liam

The climber

Mimi's kiddos

Frog hunting

Hanging with Mimi


  1. Anj,
    I so relish the idea of being able to spend time with Jackson and Liam. The boys are eager have them come and play in VA especially Jackson as he is a "BIG" dude. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!