Happy Easter

We all had a nice Easter this year, as Jackson is getting old enough to take part in some of the little events surrounding the day. Our church had a big Easter Egg Hunt for all the children on Saturday. Jackson was so excited to go out and gather eggs he could barely contain himself during the music portion. Three times we had to walk to the back with him to try to talk him through being patient. Well eventually the kids were released to find eggs. It was cute and Jackson even found some. Fnding out that there was candy in the eggs was even more fun for him!

The night before we all dyed the Easter eggs at home. Jackson was really into it! I'm glad I finally have a partner to dye eggs with since Justin isn't at all into it. Though he did take interest in Jackson's excitement over.

Easter Day was spent with the Stevenson's. It was wonderful to have everyone together. (Except for John - we missed you!) Ava and Jackson were just two peas in a pod, riling one another up. We had a mini egg hunt for them which I think the adults were more into. All the candy and excitement had the kids (and parents) to their whits end by the end of the day.