Ring Bearer

Phew! He made it! Jackson was the ring bearer for Josh and Bethany's wedding on March 31st. This boy, I think, was under the impression everyone was there for him. He dutifully carried the pillow up the isle (in somewhat of a zig-zagged walk, but that's ok) got the front, and then chucked it at his Uncle Josh. Touchdown! He was pleased with himself, and it made for a cute moment. He WAS supposed to hand it to his Uncle Jon, but at least he made it up the isle, right?!

The behind the scenes were somewhat hectic. Five days post-wedding and we're all still recouperating. No one ever said it was going to be easy to care for a newborn and chase a 2 year old around! I think sharing the bed at the hotel was our pitfall. Well, mine, to say the least. I just didn't sleep. Jackson didn't sleep so much either. At least Liam and Justin did! Well it was a beautiful ceremony and reception and we're very happy for Josh and Bethany. Welcome to the family, Beth!