Last week the boys and I met with Mimi and Aunt Grace for a trip to the New Jersey State Aquarium. The first most exciting thing to Jackson was that Aunt Grace was coming! The next most exciting thing for him was seeing the sharks. I love the aquarium, and love to take my time seeing everything, but Jackson had one thing on his mind: Sharks. And now. So at a dreaded snail pace for Jackson we managed to get somewhat of a glimpse of the exhibits before reaching the shark tunnel. Jackson went through it and decided it wasn't that exciting. Or maybe it was a little too exciting. Either way, he didn't want to look at the sharks too much. Liam was great through the entire adventure ~ his favorite was the jelly fish. The lighting was amazing on them. They were lit with just a black light - very cool. It was too difficult to capture a picture of. Well thanks for the outing Mimi! We had a blast!