My monthly update

OK, I stink at this! I don't know what it is about it, but I just am having commitment struggles to blogging. I'd love to blog ever day or so, but just get distracted with... life... I'll keep trying though!

So yesterday was Halloween! Jackson was more into it this year. Last year it was cool to have him knock on doors and collect candy (for me!) but this year he was in it for himself. He wanted to be Buzz Lighter (when given the selection at Target.) Liam was a monkey. We went around our development with our friends Julianne, Travis, Gabriela and their new baby Claire. It was fun! Some of the houses were a little spooky for the kids - Jackson went up to one in particular that had Halloween music coming from a garage that was only partially opened. The lights were out except for a few leading up the path, and there a scary jester clown dude was giving out candy. Jackson grabbed and ran exlaiming, "Let's get out of here guys!" I love the things he says anymore! Liam was along for the ride and did a great job being held the whole time. :)

Buzz Lightyear inspects a Kit Kat

Gabriela the Bee and Jackson

Our little monkey