This morning we were doing some good 'ole classic turkey-hand art. First, I painted Jackson's hand and had him press it to the paper, then he wanted to paint my hand, and then he had to do his daddy's too... Wellll, Jackson wasn't quite expecting Daddy to press his hand to his face afterward! He was shocked and then proud of the artwork. :)

I can't believe Jackson will be 3 in one week! We went to his 3 year well check yesterday. He passed! ;) While his body is on the small side, his brain apparently is on the larger side. His doctor asked him all sorts of questions about colors, shapes and letters and after he answered all her questions, she joked that he didn't have to come back for his 4 year check up! Jackson is a sponge, what can we say? He may find school more challenging when confronted with circle time. Sitting still is not Jackson's strong-suit! He's excited for his "Cars" birthday party next weekend. Should be a blast!

It's been a busy weekend already... Friday night we all went to Peddlers Village for the Grand Illumination. Sounds fancy... doesn't it? We got there in time for the tree lighting. It was pretty spectacular. Everyone was clapping and hollering when all the lights finally went on and our sensitive boy, Liam, began balling his eyes out! It was pretty chilly out, so we didn't stay out long. Jackson enjoyed a warm up time in the store having all of us take turns following him around. Tonight (being Saturday) we had a low-key morning around the house. We're preparing to have Thanksgiving here. That should be exciting! Justin has all sorts of projects to accomplish and I'm working on organizing and cleaning... the never ending battle! To take a break we all went to the Saucon Valley Promanade to do a little Christmas shopping. It was a nice night and we have some snow in the forecast! We'll see what happens...