Phew! What a weekend we've had! Having Thanksgiving and Jackson's birthday so close together is a lot of work! But I was happy to have two special things to celebrate. We had the Stevenson family side to our home for our Thanksgiving celebration. It was a blessing to have Nan join us, too. I wish we could be with both sides of the family to celebrate, but I guess that's life... We have to take turns. ;) Next year we'll be with the Isabell's.

I made my Italian great grandmother's recipe for pound cake for Jackson's birthday cake for the first time, which was an adventure! The bar had been set high by my mom and I was a little nervous I'd mess it up! I was thankful for my Kitchen Aid mixer since the recipe requires 20 minutes of beating. I think I watched the oven half the time it was cooking, trying to make sure it didn't cook over. It turned out great! We sang happy birthday to Jackson the first of 3 times total this weekend. It was the beginning of the never ending party for him!

Saturday the 24th was Jackson's actual birthday. We'd been pumping him up for his party at Tumbleweeds Gym all week, and of course in the morning he exerted his 3 years in the making of willfulness and told us he didn't want to go. Huh?! We eventually convinced him it would be fun and he should attend his own party. He did have blast with his cousins Ava and Lila and friends Gabriela, Megan, Aaron and Caden after all. .. Here are a few pics of the fun had...

When we got home I had to run Liam right up to bed for his nap, and Justin was busy bringing things in from the car. Jackson took this opportunity to celebrate all alone in his present opening! Luckily we were able to pair up what went to what so we know who to thank rather then sending everyone a generic, "Thank you so much for the *toy.* Jackson loves *it!* Later after Jackson took a nap, we discussed what he would like for his birthday dinner. PB & J was decided on for the menu, as per our birthday boy's special request. (I got off easy!) We relaxed together the rest of the evening and gave Jackson our gifts for him. He was excited to open up his kid sized guitar (what were we thinking?!) and his Playmobil Pirate Ship. That was a big hit. Such a hit it was that he woke at 6 a.m. the following morning to play with it!

Sunday was the finale of birthday celebrations taking place at the Isabell's home. We also did our annual Christmas Tree hunting at Holiday Farm where we chop down our own. When we told Jack that was what we were doing as part of his birthday, he said, "But I can't play with *that*!" What a funny boy! So after church we went straight to Mimi and Poppy's home, skipped naps and went right out to the field. It was a little chaotic but doable to get everyone together, including Josh and Bethany and Jon and Emily, along with Grace, Mom and Dad. After much hunting about, we finally found our tree and under Jackson's direction, Justin cut it down.

It has been a bit of a tradition for us to take a photo of "Jackson among the Christmas Trees" when we're getting our tree and this year it was like pulling teeth to get a photo. This one sums up Jackson's sentiments. I think it's hilarious! Sad, but hilarious! The poor kiddo is so tired from not napping and hiking across the field to the tree farm. I'm debating going to a tree farm just to do another photo shoot. We still need a wreath, so it wouldn't be an empty handed trip!

Well it's been a long weekend and I need to get to bed. Ya know when you swallow and keep feeling it in your throat, like the beginnings of getting sick? And you continue swallowing to check if it still hurts? *Swallow* ouch. *swallow* still ouch. *swallow* OK, you get the idea. I've felt like that all weekend, so I better get some needed rest. G'night!