First Snow and First Tree

A couple weeks ago we had our first laying snow of the season. It certainly wasn't Jackson's first snow, nor Liam's, but it was worthy noting around here as we are a family who looks forward to the white stuff! Justin began prepping Jackson for snow the night before we were expected to have it. Jackson woke bright and early ready to go out. Sadly we got merely a coating, but it was enough to put on boots for according to Jackson.

We set up our tree (a couple weeks ago actually!) and I just had to get a few pics of Liam "meeting" it for the first time. He's now 11 months and it's been fun seeing his little personality really come out. He's such a sweet baby. One of my favorite things about Liam right now is how excited he is when you come to get him when he wakes up. When I go in his room he pulls up (if he hasn't already) on the crib and bounces up and down and rocks the crip too. He gets so excited! Liam has been enjoying eating new foods too. His favorite is pastina (tiny star shaped pasta). He's embracing his Italian heritage there. He loves it with some parm cheese and butter. He's not a fan of anything green. If you leave him hanging during a meal, he'll let you know he's unhappy. Too funny! Between Jackson and Liam, there aren't too many quiet meals in our home. Anyway, here he is meeting the Christmas Tree!