Happy Birthday to our sweet baby boy Liam! How on earth are you one already?!

We had a great time celebrating in Stowe! Sadly it was a rainy day, but that didn't stop us from having fun. We celebrated by going to the Vermont Teddy Bear Store and letting Liam pick out his very own teddy (thank you Mimi and Poppy!) and Jackson got to do one of their Build a Bear style teddy's. Of course he chose a dinosaur. ;)

It was so cute lining up all the bears and watching Liam pick out the one he wanted. He knew right away, pointing to the black and white "cow" bear with the cow bell. He walked over to pick him up. So classic! Jackson also had to be in on the fun and enjoyed making his own stuffed animal. He picked out a dinosaur and got to put in a heart and watch him get stuffed. He named him on his own and see the concentration on his face as he works hard to chose the right name!

We all had a special family dinner that night, ravioli and meatballs made by me. I figured it'd be a fun dinner for Liam to eat, and he did love it! He also loved his chocolate cake... all over his face! :)

The Stats:
Weight: 19lb 8oz
Length: 29 1/2 in.
Head: 18 3/4 in.

The Hobbies:
Whacking any object against any other object to make loud noises.
Taking laps around the kitchen island while holding two of Jackson's smaller toys.
Climbing any chance he can get, up on Jack's step stool, up the stairs, on top of baskets, on top of toys... you get the idea.
Putting small things inside bigger things. Liam especially enjoys dropping things like puzzle pieces in the slots of Jackson's new Melissa and Doug wooden mailbox. Jackson's always finding interesting "mail." Also included I should add his mouth... We found a small tinker toy part he was "holding" in his mouth for who knows how long. I'm grateful he didn't swallow it or choke on it. How he handled it like a piece of gum is beyond me. It's nerve wracking keeping Jack's smaller, multiple piece toys away from Liam.
Pulling his diapers off the shelf.
Pushing his Radio Flyer walker
Eating - Liam is a garbage disposal. In one sitting he will typically out eat Jackson.
Following Jackson around like a shadow.

Overall, Liam's personality is SO sweet. He's the huggiest, smoochiest baby ever. He loves to give Jackson goodnight (and goodnap) kisses and kisses his daddy when he gets home from work. He's just so sweet! He has a more quiet temperament in comparison to Jackson. He will sit and try to figure out his toys, and will quietly sit and eat his meals, or sit and look at books on your lap. It's always fascinating to see how different the boys are. They are going to have a fun relationship with one another as they get older! I'm sure they will continually challenge one another.

So the other day Jackson dictated to me his birthday wishes for Liam. Enjoy!
From Jackson:
"I love you Liam. And I want you to be nice to me, Liam. And everything... Boys be's nice sometimes, and some boys go to jail." Me, "Why do the boys have to go to jail?"
Jackson: "Because they got shots right on their knee."
So what else do you have to say to Liam?"
"I want you to be very nice. I love you dear Liam," he finished.

So what do I make of this? I thiiiink that Jackson recalls Liam crying after getting his shots on his thigh at the pediatrician and he is not fond of watching his baby brother in pain. He doesn't initially show concern over Liam while these things happen, his action is to hang on the door and continue to try to escape while the shot is being given. So I think he wants the doctor to go to jail for hurting his brother? Maybe? No? ;)

Some photos from Birthday Boy's morning, opening his gift from Jackson, with lots of help from Big Bro!


  1. Awww, he's getting so big! Happy Birthday Liam!

    Your boys are so precious!