Catching up

Well here we are, a family a four now. It's busy, clearly showing by the amount of time that has lapsed before updating this blog!

My last month of preggo-ness was difficult. I walked around the entire last month dilated, and it increased each time I'd have a check up, going all the way to 3 cm and just hanging there for 2 straight weeks. I'd have contractions all night long, getting no sleep, only to have them go away in the morning. That was *not* fun!

Finally on January 11th, I had my 39wk check and the OB said I was 4cm. He monitored me for a bit and then sent me off to Labor and Delivery. Yay! Finally we reached the day! What a difference between my first and second labors. Liam was easy in comparison. I could almost do it again already (not really!) So at 11:10pm on 1/11, Liam Bennett arrived. All 8lbs and 21 inches of him. He's a wonderful baby! So he's 7ish weeks now and his quiet temperment seems to be permanent. It's quite different from Jackson, but we are thankful to God for giving us a quiet "easy" baby. Don't get me wrong, he cries when he needs something or now and then when he's not comfy, but overall, he's just a joy.

Jackson is a wonderful big brother. He is always concerned over Liam's well-being. "Mommy, he's a little bit fussy!" "Mommy, Liam pooped again!" "Mommy, Liam spit out his nukkie!" "Mommy, Liam's awake," are all things you'll hear Jack say. Sure, he has his jealous moments. "Daddy, Mommy can hold him," "Mommy, but him in the bassinet," and, "Mommy, Liam's done eating." But overall he transitioned very well into Big Brotherhood.


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