Cloth Diapers

Yes, you read correctly! We are making the switch to cloth for the boys. I couldn't believe it when I began researching pro's and con's of cloth vs. disposable and how dangerous those Pampers are for our sweet little boys bums. We're trying to be more health, environmental, and also more cost conscious, and that has led us to cloth diapering Jackson and Liam. The savings is incredible. Typically one will spend about $1600 in dispoble dipes and wipes before potty training. Put that against $300-400 for a permanent stash of cloth dipes. It was an easy decision for us. I'm sure our energy bills will go up some for the cost of washing, but we will still save. If we ever have another child, the savings will be even more. It's exciting to me. Yeah, dealing with the poo is gross, but it's relatively easy. I feel good knowing that it's healthier for the boys and the feel of these diapers makes me want them for my own undies. So soft!!! There are so many different options. It's not what it was when our parents and grandparents cloth diapered us. I was in cloth and my mom was astounded at how cool and easy the new stuff was. They now have cloth diapers that are just like a dispoable, with velcro closures that go on the same way! How cool! And fun colors and patterns too. And they're fleece lined on the inside. The wet stuff goes right through to the absorbant pad that is inserted and the solid stuff (yuck) stays on the outside and doesn't stick to it so it falls off right in the toilet. So see, it's not "that" bad. Sure it's grosser than a dispoble, but it's worth it to us to deal with the poop. The first pic is Liam in what they call a prefold diaper with a Snappi. No sharp pins to deal with any longer! There's covers that would go over that diaper, but we haven't gotten the shipment of them yet. The next one is called a Fuzzi Bunz pocket diaper. It has an insert in there that is absorbant and they're fleece lined, so as you can see from his face, he's comfy!