Liam is 2 months

Liam had his two month appointment on Monday. I can't stand well check ups! Four shots... The poor little baby. It was not fun! But I know it's for his health, so we brave through it! Liam weighs 12lb 2oz now. That puts him in the 75 percentile. I know those percentiles mean nothing. Each child will grow at their own pace, maybe starting out chunky and ending up twiggish. Look at Jackson! Anyway, he checked out well. Jackson was a bit concerned over the shots Liam had to get. He was hanging by the door ready to escape if he were to be next I think. When we got home he kept saying, "Kristen (the nurse) hurt Liam. He got shots!" What a good, concerned big brother he is!

The cloth diapering is going well. It's strange, but I have this odd sense of satisfaction when I do a load of diaper laundry and they come out smelling clean and fresh and not having any stains on them. I've lost it! Haven't I? It just feels good to know each diaper I take out of the wash to fold is one less diaper in a landfill. The boys are comfy in them, too. We did have our first leak episode with Jackson last night. I had just fed Liam and when I put him down to go back to sleep, I heard Jackson start to cry for me. He was soaked, poor child! I guess we need to add some more absorancy to his diaper before bedtime. He had drank more than normal with dinner, so that makes sense that he'd wet more. It's all kind of trial and error with this!

It's great it's finally getting warmer out! We got out this past weekend and went to the park yesterday. Last time we were at the park, I had to chase around with him to make sure he didn't get hurt. He's grown so much now he can do the slide himself now! It's nice to watch him play like that now. He's getting so big! Jackson's enjoying riding his trike around, too. We're working on him learning to ride his tricycle. Peddling takes some practice. We'll get there!


  1. Oh boo hoo, I'm sorry poor Liam had to get 4 shots. The rest of the appointment went well I hope. Jackson really likes to look over his little brother. I thought that it was cute that he worried over it. The picture of Jackson and Liam together is wonderful. Look at Liam smile with his big brother!! Now Gramma-Teddi has a blog too. Hope I can find it next time I want to post. Kisses to my little men. A big kiss and hug for the Mommy.