Sleeping on the toilet

When I was in Coast Guard Bootcamp, catching a minute of shut eye while taking a toilet break was a popular thing to do. Basic training was so mentally and physically exhausting, and naptime wasn't in the schedule, so a minute or two of shut eye was a covetted thing! Jackson seems to have adopted this philosophy now... We had a big day today at Lenape Swim Club in Chalfont. THP (Justin's employer) had a picnic and much of Jack's time was spent in the kiddie pool. He was bleary eyed when we pulled in the driveway tonight, but insisted his tummy hurt and he was hungry. Well we can't send the little man to bed half starved. He's skinny to begin with, so any opporunity to add a couple extra calories to his diet is taken advantage of. Before bed he declared he had to *poop.* So we can't deny him of this privilege either. He said he needed some privacy so Justin was waiting outside the door. After a few minutes of Jackson saying, "I'm still trying, I'm still trying," and then some silence, Justin called me over to peek through the crack in door. There was our little boy, falling asleep on the toilet! But unlike my potty naps in bootcamp, Jackson realized he was falling asleep and began trying to hold his eyelids open. That's when we called an end to his potty time and got him to bed. Guess he didn't have to poop afterall?


  1. It's time to start Jacko on some pemmican. It will put on weight and clear you right out, no potty sleeping.

    I have a feeling that one day he'll be the only kid in preschool drinking protein shakes to bulk up.