Bye June

I can't believe June is heading out the door. Where did this month go? It was a busy one to say the least! Let's see if I can try to sum it up! We're slowly but surely getting better with getting to go outside on a more regular basis. It's difficult to get sleeping schedules syncronized so we can do anything! Some days are better than others, but it's not so fun for Jack to stay indoors and close to home all the time because Liam is napping. Liam is generous though and doesn't put up too much of a fit if we miss his regular nap or make it shorter so we can do something special, or heck, just grocery shop! One day this week we went to the local pool. For some reason Jackson was the only one in the toddler pool! Where was everyone?! Quiet day I guess. We found out the Quakertown pool has a little slide and mushroom fountain thing, so we'll have to try there next.

Father's Day was a beautiful day! We started the day by piling in the Outback and driving to Pop and Gramma's in Medford Lakes, NJ to visit for a while and to pick up the Explorer for Justin to drive. (Thanks Dad!) My brother Bill was *done* with it since he didn't need in San Fran. My wonderful dad was generous enough to let us have it since Justin's car was kaput. Jackson thought the Explorer ('93 sport edition - old and I took my driver's test in it!) was the coolest thing ever. He calls it the truck or the Hummer. (??!) So he and Justin drove that while Liam and I followed him to Doylestown to spend the remaining day with his family. We went to Dilly's Corner, a roadside stand on the Delaware River (and has the best cheeseburger I've ever had!) to have a laidback dinner and then to Tohickon Park to fish along the creek. Justin's mom got Jackson his first fishing rod, so of course we had to try it out.

Liam is nearly 6 months old now. We've dabbled with his first try at rice cereal and after having a great go at it at first, he's now decided he must gag and act like he wants nothing to do with it. So we're backing off for a bit. He's doing so great. He's now started sleeping through the night. I'm amazed because with Jackson it seemed like it was something we had to work hard to achieve with him. We were always going in to plunk his Nuk back in, or it seemed he'd be hungry all night. Liam just decided to plain old sleep. Awesome! He's working on sitting up now, too. I don't trust him on a hard floor, but he can hold his own sitting up on the carpet for a few minutes before forgetting he is verticle and then he topples over. Jackson is amazed that he is doing *things* now. Well, annoyed too, actually now that I think of it! Like when Jackson was playing with his cars nearby Liam, and Liam squirmed forward and *touched* a car. Jackson was a bit dismayed and moved his entire fleet of vehicles further away. I must looking at these moments as teaching opportunities! Haha!

I just had to share that one little bear hiney picture for his uncles and Pop's and Poppy's. Liam is still wearing cloth diapers and it's fun to have a little more "style" with them along with helping the environment and keeping his butt rash-free!

We celebrated Mom (Isabell's) birthday the past Sunday at Cascade Lodge. It's is so beautiful there! The restaurant itself is dated, but charming in a way. It's probably the same as it was in the 50's! It's situated between rolling hills and horse farms. There's a stocked trout pound with montrous trout that Jackson LOVED checking out. They cook tableside, depending on what you order, and flambe, making quite the spectacle. Jackson enjoyed watching that, too. We had the longest dinner of our lives. Four hours! But it was relaxing and so enjoyable spending time with everyone. Jackson got to pick out Josh's dinner by going down to the cellar where the trout swim through this little stream that runs under the building. He got a kick out of that!

OK, a couple last pictures and I've got to wrap this post up!

Justin was just looking through the pictures from the day with me and said that this photo shows who Jackson is more than any of them. He is Mr. Perpetual Motion. Feet moving, arms moving, mouth moving and looking for the next thing to do. You can just see it in his eyes.

Justin, Jackson, Liam and I met with Julianne, Travis and Gabriela today at Green Lane Park to BBQ. What a relaxing evening we had! No toys to squabble over or kitchens and messes to clean up. I think we must hang out like this all the time now. It was fairly deserted in this picnic area which had lots of nice shady trees and big rocks to climb, and little rocks to throw in the lake. Next time I don't care what Justin says, we're bringing Jacksons fishing rod. Anyway, we ate hot dogs and sausage and made smores and just enjoyed our time. Thanks guys for a fun day!