German Folk Festival

Today was an adventurous day! We got an early start, went through the Dunkin Donuts drive thru (2 times - duh, forgot to get Jack's sprinkle donut! Can't forget that!) and headed to Kutztown for the Folk Festival. Adventures like these aren't what they used to be a year ago. Now we can't really bribe Jackson into seeing what *we* want to see. It's all about him now apparently! We spent most of the time playing the guitar and various bongos around the fair grounds. A nice Amish man repairs discarded guitars and lets kids just go to town on them. After quite some time playing, he asked for Jackson's autograph, just in case he got famous some day! We saw loads of old tractors, crafts and handiworks of the Amish, some farm animals and enjoyed Sassparilla and Birch Beer. A grand time was had by all!

Oh, and just to add, if you noticed Jackson's blue and orange - err, leggings - they're his latest must have accessory. I got them for Liam since they look cute with his cloth diapers and function as pants pretty much, but Jackson has taken a liking to them. He'll probably be mad at us when he's older... But in actuality, if you attempt to take them off him, he gets quite upset. So leg warmers it is!