You are 6 months old Liam!

Liam is 6 months old everybody! Where oh where did 6 months go? He's gone from a wee 8 pound baby to this big guy who has more than doubled his weight and is beginning to army crawl. Oi!! Look out! To celebrate his 6 months of life today, we stayed home because mom is sick. I have a summer cold. Must be that we've been indoors a lot with the air going since it's been nearly 100. Too hot!! So Jackson has been doing lots of art and tinker toying and train playing and movie watching with me on the couch. Tomorrow I may be adventurous and bring the boys to story time at Barnes and Noble. It's been a while since we've gone. Last time I lost Jackson there, as he wandered away to the Starbucks kiosk for a Latte without informing me. Uuugh, the worse 2 minutes of my life! Anyway, I must be brave and conquer my fear! Wish me luck!