Where did May go?

OK, so keeping a blog is hard work. I must add it to my list of chores. It's something that I'd like to get done on a regular basis. That just doesn't happen, though, does it?

So what happened with us the past month? Let's see... Hmmm, I'm coming up with nothing. There are fun things going on in the lives of those around us though! Our latest news is that my sister, Trisha, is having a boy. What a wonderful addition a baby boy will be to their family. Ava is going to love having a brother! Liam will have fun with another little boy close to his age as he grows up, too. In other news, Jon, Justin's brother, got engaged. We all love Emily already. It's so fun to watch the family grow and gain another sister. Also, Bill, my brother, has moved to San Fransisco to work for Apple Computers. He has worked for them from PA for the past year and has held internship positions with them each summer. Well now it's permanent and he's up and left us for the Left Coast. I'd venture to guess he'll never leave. We'll come visit Uncle Bill! Lastly, Mimi (Justin's mom) and Grace (his sister) just got back from England safe and sound. They enjoyed a two-week visit touring around London and Wales. I'm glad the trip was just what they were needing! Can't wait to see pictures!

OK, I thought of what we've been up to. Keeping cool as of late. We've had some hot weather and that has been tricky to manage. Jackson loves to be outdoors, but Liam is too little yet for sunscreen. So it's been a balance to keep each of them happy. Justin took Jackson for a little motor boat ride this past weekend. Apparently the boat was much too slow for him (electric motor?) He told Justin to go faster, and when he told Jackson it didn't go any faster, Jackson said, "This isn't fun, Dad. I want to go home. I think I hear Mom calling me!" Now mind you, they were many miles from home! This boy has good ears! We've been working on potty training with Jackson, as well. Hopefully by the end of the month he'll be official. I know he can do it, but I think Jackson struggles with a little bit of laziness. If he has on a pull up or diaper, he'll take advantage of not having to stop what he's doing and just do his business. But if I leave him nude (just at home, don't worry!) he'll run to the potty to go. Amazing! So I think we just need to take a few days of not going anywhere, and keep him in underwear until he learns that they are not so absorbant. Hopefully that will do the trick!

Liam is growing by leaps and bounds and doing some fun baby stuff now. He's not so much of a lump anymore. He's begun to roll from his back to his tummy, and back again. He's working on sitting up. He can reach for things now and we're testing the waters of solids now. He seems to be more interested in what we're eating and reaching for our plates and silverware. So I figured it must be time! He's a sweet baby, so gentle and content. A wonderful compliment to busy Jackson. Well he's awake now, speaking of, so I must end now! I'll add pictures soon!


  1. Uncle Bill will certainly be back to visit from time to time, and I suspect at least a few of you might want to see the magesty of the Golden State. Best to you and yours...