Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Today we went to our church Easter Egg Hunt. Jackson had a blast! The weather was too poor to have it outdoors. It was actually snowing a little this morning... So a hallway was dedicated to the 2-4 year olds and numerous eggs were strewn on the floor from one end to the other. There wasn't much hunting per say that needed to be done! Jackson filled his basket quickly and quit before getting to the end, proclaiming he had enough eggs. He has quite the stash of candy now. Hmmm, now where to hide it?

Last night was dedicated to Easter Egg dying at our own home. Jackson really gets into it. Thing is, so do I. I confess I've dyed them all by myself before having kids. Having kids just kind of justified it a little more. Heehee! So I have some competition now Jackson is a speed dyer. Eggs quickly get plopped into cups all at once, while I'm more of the one-at-at-time-type. In the end all the eggs are colorful and fun was had. I always feel tempted to boil some more eggs up to do once he's gone to bed. But what would we ever do with 2 dozen eggs?! Oh, and note, Jackson is not turning into the Incredible Hulk... He just put his entire hand in the green egg dye.