What's cookin'?

I thought it would be fun to post what we're having for dinner for the week, and hopefully some of my blogging friends can do the same so we can get some new ideas for meals! (hint hint!) I get so bored with the same things and just spent 30min's going through my recipes I've collected from various places to come up with some new things this week. Most recipes I get from Real Simple or The Food Network, both are online...

We're having:
African Peanut Soup
Chicken with Balsamic Peaches
Meatballs and pasta - if you're lucky I'll share my own recipe with you. ;)
Ginger Aled Ham
Pizza Night - homemade

So what are you cooking up?


  1. I love your new look. I hope you don't mind but I changed mine after I saw yours.

    This week for diner it is going to be quick meals. I am working full time for the next three weeks. 8-4:30.

    So, one night it will be baked ziti, chicken one night, steak the other and the famous hot dogs and mac and cheese. I think maybe we will join you guys this week for dinner sound much better and more healthier.

    So I miss you so much. We really have to get together.

  2. Hi Anj!
    We had a great time on our cruise, and I said hello to St. Maarten for you ... it was gorgeous and we had a blast riding around the entire island on 4-wheelers all day!

    I haven't had much time for blogging, but thought I'd quick list our dinner menu this past week for you! I'd be glad to e-mail you any recipes ... I know what it's like to be on the lookout for new recipes!

    ~Sweet and sour chicken in the crockpot
    ~Mexican lasagna (made with whole wheat tortillas)
    ~Homemade white pizza w/ spinach
    ~Parmesan meatloaf, Baked beans and green beans
    ~Tortilla Soup w/ homemade bread

    Thanks for posting your menu for the week ... I love checking out new recipes!

    Talk to you soon!

  3. what's an african peanut?

  4. Sounds Yummy! Thanks for sharing the links for those recipes. I'll have to try some of them. African Peanut soup sounds interesting, but I don't think I'm brave enough to try something like that. Maybe you can convince me otherwise.
    I know I'm a week late on this but I thought I'd share what's on our menu for this week. I'm subbing three of the day's and watching Megan two days, so meals are going to be simple--things I can throw in the crock pot, prepare ahead of time, or cook quickly. Here they are:
    Pulled Pork Sandwiches with a salad and applesauce.
    Chicken Lo Mein (something new for us)
    Stuffed Italian Peppers
    3 Bean Soup with bread
    Slow cooked BBQ chicken with rice and green beans
    Thanks again, it's fun checking out new recipes.