Some knitting projects...

My knitting classes have finally paid off! I'm really enjoying knitting and have FINALLY finished the "longies" for Liam. They're wool and I kid you not, they are the squishiest, softest pants you'd ever feel. OK, I know, most of you who read this are like, OK, those are weird. Well... They're awesome for using with cloth diapers. Wool is magic, don'tcha' know? I can put them on Liam for pants and they act as a diaper cover AND pants.

You might think wool is scratchy and uncomfy. Well not this wool. It's sheered from the body of the sheep. Scratchy wool comes from the legs. Liam's skin is so sensitive I trust him to complain if he was uncomfortable in the slightest.

He looks comfy and happy to me!

Here's the benefits of wool, just in case you ever need to know for Trivial Pursuit. Heehee!
-Wool provides comfort in both hot and cold weather since it is so breathable.
-Wool can absorb up to 30 percent of its own weight in moisture before it becomes really damp. While wool can absorb moisture, it repels liquids.
-Wool is so comfortable to wear because its elasticity means garments fit so well and yield to body movement.
-Wool does not need to be washed very often. When the lanolin in the wool reacts with the urea (basic pH) in urine, a chemical reaction occurs. Acids + Bases react to create the end products of water and salt. So the urine is no longer urine - it has been neutralized thanks to this wonderful chemical reaction! Wool really is “self-cleaning,” with no residual smell of urine, until all the lanolin is exhausted. Then you just need to wash and re-lanolize your wool- a very easy process.

So basically, yeah, wool is magic!

I don't want to leave out Jackson... I made him a Rocker Wrist Band from some left over yarn. He'd been asking for me to make him something. He specifically asked for red pants... Those would take me for.ever. I'll consider it! But for now, this was quick and easy!


  1. Great job on those pants! I'm impressed. I've been slacking a little on my knitting, and that has inspired me to get my needles back out.
    Ps. Jack is looking so big...especially in the picture of him sitting next to Liam. He really looks like a little boy, and not a toddler.

  2. The pants are awesome! You could start your own longie'll have folks bidding $100's in no time!! And...I never knew all that about wool! VERY interesting!!!