We had a fun day at the Crayola Factory with Mimi one day this summer! I will never forgot the Mr. Rogers episode I saw when I was little and he visit there and showed us at home how crayons were made. I was mesmerized how the perfect little red wax crayons looked all piled together, brand new. I just wanted to smell them! Well I got my chance to live vicariously through my son! We took the boys up and had a blast. There was more to do than we had time for. We must go again. Anything and everthing Crayola was at your fingertips to play with. Jackson will have much more fun going next year. He wasn't quite ready for scissors or more advanced projects. But he managed to make a little clay airplane and Mimi helped him make a turtle. We colored lots and enjoyed the "How Crayons are Made" show. (Finally got to see it person after 14 years of waiting!)