Festival Weekend

A friend asked Justin if we love festivals the other day. Justin thought it odd, and then we realized, duh! We DO go to a lot of festivals! This weekend we started off with the Scottish Irish Festival at Green Lane Park. It was our third year going in a row. This year's visit was a little different in that we were outnumbered by wee ones. To help our very pregnant friend, Julianne, whose husband was away for the weekend, we brought her daughter Gabriela to the festival with us. Jackson and she love each other and enjoyed dancing, but when they wanted to go in different directions, we found things difficult with Liam along for the ride too. When everyone could stay in one spot, we loved listening to the band Barleyjuice on stage. They are described as "Pan-Celtic Rock." Whatever that is, it is the equivalent to rockin' fun music! Jackson and Gabriela had fun dancing to that and provided for quite the show.

On Sunday we headed downtown to South Street for Green Fest Philly. It's goal was to teach people how to live a little more green, or environmentally conscious. I am amazed at how ignorant I used to be about how wasteful I was, and still am in a lot of ways. With a few minor changes, we can all live a little more green and be better stewards here on Earth! It was a lot of fun, though boiling hot! Jackson had fun making musical instruments out of empty plastic containers and got to decorate them with construction paper, markers and stickers. He filled them with rice and was shaking away making music. He also got to make a neat bracelet from a soda bottle (with some help.) I was walking along and found the Maternal Wellness Center's booth and asked about their cloth diapering workshop I read they were having. They told me sorry that it was canceled because the girl never showed up. We got talking about cloth diapers and they asked me if I could start doing their workshops. (EEK!) I gave them my email - we'll see. I used to work in PR, so I technically am capable of speaking in front of crowds, but I'm always so paranoid that I'd come off sounding like an idiot. I should work on getting over that because it would be really cool to help people make informed decisions about the benefits of using cloth. Anyway, on we walked and saw the coolest modern mosaic garden made by artist Isaiah Zagar. It's all made from recycled materials. Words and photos can not do it justice. You must see it in person. It.is.amazing!http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

While walking back I spotted some neat yarn and knitted items. I must admit that I've been searching for a hobby and have thought, "Hmmm, maybe I can knit?!" It is in my blood, ya know. My mom crochets and her grandmother did also, and Nan (my dad's mom) knits up a storm. So - I popped in the shop, totally clueless and in awe at the same time. I felt like a kid. So I got my first needles, an instruction book, and some yarn. I am afraid of it all now too! I must just dig in I suppose. So if anyone gets socks or scarves for Christmas - know now that my blood (well maybe not blood), sweat and tears may be in them!

Oh, one last thing. We had a minor celebrity siting! We spotted Lisa Millard from HGTV's Design Star. We randomly came across the show while flicking through channels one lazy Sunday afternoon. She's a local Philly design artist and if you follow the link you'll see why she's easy to spot. I've never seen anyone with that hairstyle - and it stands out!

Well with all the adventures this weekend everyone was well tuckered tonight. Justin sadly watched the Eagles lose their opening game against the Packers. The boys went to bed early. It was certainly strange having a quiet house by before 8pm! Hopefully everyone sleeps well because I really need my rest. I think a cold is sneaking up on me! :( Well enjoy some more pictures ~ I never take enough. I must work on that!


  1. My mother-in-law started teaching me to knit, but I haven't been to good at practicing...maybe we can help each other out. Check out this site- http://knittinghelp.com/
    You can help motivate me to get my knitting needles back out!
    Sounds like a busy weekend. I'm glad you had fun!

  2. Oh cool! A knitting buddy! I would love to do that with you Lisa! :) I did hear that website was a good help. The book I got is awesome too. I had to cover one of the words in the title because it is a little explicit. (blush) But I hear it's the best! I figured out how to cast on last night using it! Now for what to do with the other needle...

  3. That is so funny, I was just telling Patrick that I should take up knitting to have something to do now that I don't have a TV. Let me know how you like it.

  4. Yay Jess! You should! We could all do it together ~ that would be fun. I love the idea of knitting gifts for people. I always love receiving homemade gifts, they are just *that* much more special. :)