Labor Day at the beach

We had to squeeze one more day at the beach before the season was over. All of the Isabell's went to Long Beach Island to spend the day on the sand and have dinner at The Boat House. We had a good few hours on the beach before the wind picked up and hurled the sand so hard at us that it stung. Liam started crying and it was just no good.

I have so many good memories going to LBI as a kid and teen, and I'm super excited to bring my kids there now to begin their relationship with the beach! So far they love it. Jackson could dig in the sand all day, and Liam must think the ocean is one big calming sound machine. The lull of the waves must have made it possible for him to crash out on a blanket under an umbrella. Not that there was a ton of other noise like kids screaming, gulls calling, and umbrellas flapping going on, too. Well enjoy the last beach pictures of this year!