Justin and I have been married 4 years now. September 6, 2003 we got married. Looking back, it seems like we have come a far way from the day we first got married! Having 2 (or three depending on how you look at it!) kids I think makes it seem like we should be married longer. That and I feel older than I am! I have a lot more gray hair now too! Well I love being married to Justin. He is my best friend, and constantly challenges me for the better. He leads and cares for our family wonderfully. I love you Justin! Happy 4 years!

We were blessed by Justin's mom and dad, who came to watch the boys so we could enjoy an evening out together. Mimi showed up at the door with her "suitcase" of Dunkin Donuts, much to Jackson's delight! He was very concerned when he came downstairs this morning to discover Mimi had forgotten her "suitcase." I had to explain how she brought it for him to enjoy. Funny boy!