I found this website called 5 Minutes for Mom. Really cute ideas, themes, contests, etc... It's on my favorite links on the side bar if ya want to check it out.

Well they have themes through the week and I decided to go along with it now and then. Tuesdays are the day to pick a project and, well, tackle it. I didn't read this until today, being Wed., so my Tackle it Tuesday will be done on Wed. I'm going to share before and after pictures of my biggest mess in the house right now. My walk in closet in my bedroom. I hope I'm not the only one with skeletons this big in my closet! But I wouldn't be terribly surprised if I was! It's going to take me all day working, off and on. Liam is teething and it's hard to get much done at one shot. So bear with me!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

OK, 6 hours later and I'm done! Well, done enough. I have a cold and this just isn't making me feel better. ;) Still have a mass of other things to reorganize that I took out of the closet that didn't belong there, like feather bed and blanket, other blankets, pictures, office supplies, film, check book registers. Oi! . Well enjoy some before and after pictures. ***Warning, these photos are graphic!*** VERY MESSY! :)

Edited to add:
No, Jackson was not lost in the messy closet, though it appears he may have been in there when I opened the door! He went in to observe the mess and did agree it needed cleaning. I'm wiping tears away from laughing so hard when it struck me that he could have been lost in the mix there!